10 Landscaping Trends That Are Currently Popular In Warmer Climates

It hopefully will not come as a surprise to learn that landscaping in cities and towns with a warm climate will look very different from that in other parts of the world with a colder climate.

When you consider that much of what exists within landscaped gardens is dependent upon the local climate and the local soil, then it logically follows that what might grow successfully in the landscaped gardens of Canada, New York, or London might not do as well in Mexico or Perth, for example, and vice versa.

Whilst the geographical location can impact upon what is included in local landscape designs, so can local landscaping trends. It is true to say that non-natural features such as paving, decking, and ornaments are not as influenced by local conditions as plants, however, there will still be trends that occur locally within landscape designs, rather than universally.

The landscaping professionals from Botanical Landscapes have given us their expert advice, so, if you are wondering what the landscaping trends that are currently popular amongst both homeowners and landscape designers in Warmer Climates are, please read on. We will outline the current top ten for you.

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Enhance Your Lifestyle

4 Ways a Garden Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

Having some landscaping done on your property not only adds to the value of it but also enhances your lifestyle. Everyone loves to be surrounded by beauty, but when that beauty also provides a place where it is convenient and comfortable to relax in you really enjoy being there. And knowing that your property looks fantastic is a source of great satisfaction and pride.

There are many different kinds of gardens and what you choose will depend on many things.kinds of gardens

  • The climate – rain, sunshine, snow, frost, wind and even slope all play a big part in the garden and should be taken into consideration when planning the design.
  • The size of your property is another important element. If you have a tiny courtyard, you’ll need a different kind of design than if your property is on a rural block, or even has a larger backyard.
  • Your lifestyle needs must also be taken into consideration. If you have children or pets, leaving space for them to play and run is necessary. If you love to dine outdoors, you’ll want to create a haven with outdoor furniture.
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A Simple Guide To Using Composting Within Your Landscaped Garden

It is undoubtedly true that a landscape design will need to take account of local conditions, climate, and soils so that anything planted within that landscaped garden has the best possible chance of thriving. For example, landscaping in Perth, Western Australia, will have many different plants created in its namesake in Scotland.

However, regardless of whether a residence is in Perth WA, or Perth, Scotland, there will also be some landscaping and gardening principles that remain constant, one of which is the use of compost. Composting has been a core element of gardening for centuries, and the reason it remains a crucial means of helping a landscaped garden to thrive is because it has many benefits for most of the plants that grow within it.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has a landscaped garden is fully aware of why composting is beneficial and, more to the point, how to create it or use it effectively. For those reasons, we have created a short guide to creating and using compost, which we hope you find helpful.

Why Use Compost?

There are several reasons why compost is considered by many to be essential within gardens of all kinds, including landscaped gardens. The first and most important is that compost provides plants with much-needed nutrients. Secondly, compost is effectively free as much of it consists of food scraps and other organic matter that would otherwise be thrown away.

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Most Common Landscaping Problems Solved

Most Common Landscaping Problems Solved

Most homeowners understand that landscaping adds to the overall appeal of their property. As a result, they might hire an expert to lend a helping hand or try to create beautifully landscaped grounds on their own.

However, regardless of your route, you may face some common but frustrating problems. Read on to find out what these are and the solutions to these problems provided by the landscaping experts at martincuthbert.com.au.

Rocky Terrain

If you’ve ever tried to pitch a tent on your lawn and made contact with one rock after another with your tent pegs, you will quickly discover that you’ve got quite a rocky terrain. This may not be a problem if all you have is a lawn, but it can prove challenging if you’re trying to create new landscape designs in your backyard.

They can still happen, but you may need to make a few design changes. Consider creating a rocky garden to give those underground rocks a useful purpose. You can then pair them with hardy, strong, and beautiful plants like succulents that thrive in challenging environments.

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5 Landscaping Design Ideas If The Grass Refuses To Grow In Your Garden

5 Landscaping Design Ideas If The Grass Refuses To Grow In Your Garden

One issue that many landscape architects have to overcome when designing for clients is when the grass in that client’s garden does not grow properly, or not at all. As many landscape architects or garden experts such as www.gardenspec.com.au, use grass lawns and areas as one of the primary features within their designs, it means they need to think of alternatives.

If you are considering employing a landscape designer, but your grass does not grow, this problem could be down to one of three issues. The first is that the grass is not getting enough sunshine. This would not normally be a problem in most areas of Australia, but if there is an adjacent large tree or building keeping the grass constantly in the shade, this could be the cause.

The second reason is simply that you are not watering your grass enough or that there is not a proper means of irrigating them. The third problem might be that you are too enthusiastic when mowing your grass, especially if you have the mower set to cut the grass very short. Finally, the soil in your garden might not have sufficient or the right nutrients that promote grass growth. So, we have two problems you can likely fix and two you probably can’t.

We say “can’t”, assuming that you cannot move large buildings or trees, nor can you change the makeup of the soil in your garden. However, if this applies to you, all is not lost, because here are 5 ideas that your landscape architect will be able to implement to ensure that your garden’s landscaping design is still something you will love and be proud of.

Install Decking

An option that your landscape architect might suggest to you as an alternative to grass or a concrete patio is decking. Installing decking would almost certainly require less upheaval than a patio, and would be a cheaper option too. However, it could still be used for most of the same activities that you would partake in on a patio. You also would have a choice of materials and colours too. Your new decking should last a while if it’s built correctly with good quality materials, however it can also easily be maintained through deck sanding.

Build A Concrete/Paved Patio

If the grass is simply not going to grow in your garden then instead of having a lawn within your landscaping design, you could ask your landscape designer to include a concrete or paved patio instead. This would certainly be a low-maintenance option and provide you with an ideal area where you, your family, or guests can sit and enjoy your surroundings. It can also be used for outdoor parties and barbecues.

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3 Tips To Strategically Get Rid Of The Bugs That Attack Your Landscape Garden

No matter whether you work on a large landscaping project, or simply have a garden at home which you love tending, there is one thing that will you unite you, and that is your hatred of bugs, especially those which attack your plants and flowers.

For many home owners, property maintenance professionals and gardeners, dealing with a bug problem is something which is not especially enjoyable, but should they ever get fed up with it and leave the bugs to do their worst, all their hard work will have been for nothing. Pretty soon, plants and flowers will be attacked, devoured, and ultimately killed by those tiny pests.

However, it need not be that way, as there are several ways in which you can deal with, and in many cases, eradicate bugs from your garden. Doing so requires you to take several actions, and this does not involve simply spraying everything in sight randomly.

You need to approach the problem of bugs strategically, in much the same way an army general would if they were planning an attack on an enemy. So, if you see bugs as the enemy of you, your landscape garden, and all the plants and flowers in there, then here is an approach you should take.

Know Your Enemy

As with any scenario where you have an opponent, the more you know about them, the better your chances are of defeating them. This applies to military conflict, sporting competitions, political contests, and in trying to rid your garden of bugs.

For this, you need to have a full and clear understanding of the bugs you are up against, as this will differ depending on where you are located, the sorts of plants you have in your garden, and even the time of year.

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Landscape with Pets

How to Landscape with Pets in Mind

Did you know there are 20 dogs for every 100 people in Australia? That’s nearly five million dogs in a country of dog lovers. Divine Landscapes advise that if you have one or more, then you’ll likely want to think of ways to make your yard not only beautiful but more appealing to your furry friend as well. Landscape design can be more than merely appealing to adults, so here’s how to achieve the best of both worlds.

Add a Pond
Water features such as ponds and waterfalls can be beneficial for your mental health. However, they can also be a reason for wagging tails. Dogs love to drink fresh water, so why not create a safe and flowing pond or waterfall that’s welcoming for your dog? For safety reasons, ensure there is a safe area for them to access the water, such as a gentle slope. If you’re not sure how to pull it off, consult a landscape design expert.

Full Fencing

Around nine dogs from every 1,000 resi   dents are picked up by dog control in Australia every year. While many of those dogs are strays and require rehoming, many escape their owners’ poorly fenced properties. If you are going to incorporate your dog’s needs into your landscape design, then fencing should be your first priority.

Choose the appropriate fence sizing based on how much of an escape artist your dog is. As a rule of thumb, the bigger your dog, the taller the fence you need. If you’re not sure how to achieve function and beauty with your landscape design, a landscaping expert in your area can help.

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Glass Pool Fence

Top Tips For Maintaining Your Glass Pool Fence

With the rise in popularity of glass pool fencing, it’s important to make sure that people know how to look after and maintain their glass fences. Other forms of pool fencing – such as the metal tubular style – have traditionally been designed to hide dirt and to require little maintenance.

Unfortunately, according to property maintenance experts Complete Projects, this isn’t the case with glass fencing. Glass shows even the smallest specks of dirt, and will even appear ‘dirty’ if it’s not dried after being wet. It can therefore appear hard to maintain glass fences, but it’s really not if you know what you’re doing.

Below you will find a list of our top tips from Glass Pool Fencing Perth to keep your glass pool fence looking as good as new for years to come:

  1. Make Sure You Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping your glass pool fence in good condition. However, it’s very important to make sure that you clean your fence properly. Avoid harsh abrasives and chemicals, and try not to scratch or otherwise damage your glass while you’re cleaning.

Exactly how often you clean your fence will depend on you and how motivated you are, but you should try and clean it at least every 2-4 weeks if you live in a harsh environment. Examples of harsh environments include near the ocean or in areas where mineral rich bore water is used.

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Landscaping Ideas

Prevent Flooding with These Landscaping Ideas

Depending on where you live in Australia, flooding may or may not be a problem for you. However, if it tends to rain more often than not, you might find you need to get creative with your landscaping options. Failure to take care of flooding and water flow can result in a soggy yard that you use less than you would like.

Check out this helpful advice, we put together with Wild Realtor, below

Locate the Problem

Before you go and buy everything you need for your landscaping task, find out why and how you have a problem with flooding in the first place. Typically, flooding occurs when the earth can’t absorb any more water, with nowhere to drain. It then moves to the lowest point in your property – the place where you need to install drainage. Sometimes, flooding can occur with heavy rain in a short space of time. It falls quicker than your soil can absorb it.

Find Out if Your Property is Prone

Flooding can be a once-off occurrence, or your property could be prone to it.  Common signs your property is likely to flood are include a sloping lawn, stains around your home’s cladding, a missing top gutter system, and water pooling on your driveway.

Divert Water

When you begin to alter your landscaping, think about where water typically floods and take action. The last thing you want is for it to end up right in the area you’ve just turned into a barbecue nook! Install a spouting system that helps to divert the water away from your house. You may also like to include downspout extenders to draw it away.

Use It To Your Advantage

Does your property flood in the same place all the time? If you can’t fix it, work with it. Create a rain garden in this area. Add flood-proof plants, dig out the turf, install an overflow and berm, and add mulch with native grasses. Before you know it, your previously-flooded lawn is a beautiful rain garden that looks the part.

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Landscape Design

The Importance of Edging in Landscape Design

The landscape design process is often prepared with a variety of special accents that can make any garden look attractive. A professional team can assist you with getting a quality edge ready around your garden to make it look more distinctive and unique.

The kind of edging you chose is important in order to establish the way you want your garden and landscaped area to look and what your lifestyle needs are.

  • It adds an ornamental look to your landscape in general.
  • It also works as a border for the entire space.
  • You could even add edges to separate individual spots around your landscape. This is for areas where there are lots of plants that need to be contained in some way to make them more attractive.

As you plan to get an edging ready, a landscaper will be able to advise you on the best kinds to suit your garden and give the kind of look you are aiming for. This could include a review of how well the edging is to be made and where it should be placed for the best effect. A proper diagram should be made with professional ideas for what can be done to help you get the most out of whatever you plan on adding to your garden.

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Sustainable Practices in Gardening

The value of most homes and the lifestyle of the residents is increased by the addition of a beautiful garden.  However, these days it is important to implement sustainability practices, so the garden helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the house rather than increasing it. Gardens and lawns look lovely and enhance your lifestyle, but are notorious for using up lots of water. They also need fertiliser and pesticides to ensure your plants are not eaten up by pesky insects.

Both fertiliser and pesticides tend to get washed into the waterways and in many cases kill things they were not meant to harm. A case in point is the beautiful corals that die due to fertilisers being washed into the ocean. But by using sustainable methods, such harm can be eliminated. Here’s a short guide from our friends at lawncareman.com.au on how to do so;

Minimise water usage

  • It is easy to minimise the amount of water needed by choosing drought hardy plants for the garden. This will reduce your water costs and save time spent in watering the garden.
  • Using organic mulch will help prevent the soil from drying out, again reducing the amount of water needed. It also keeps the ground cooler in the hot summer, a fact that many plants love.
  • Choosing the kind of lawn grass that is drought hardy is also important because most lawns need lots of water to keep them green. Do your research to find what grass is suitable for your area that does not need constant watering.
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Staying Healthy

9 Tips to Staying Healthy when Landscaping

Whether you have a job landscaping, work your own business or do it for a hobby on your own property, landscaping is often sheer hard work, so it is important to take care at all times in order to avoid injury. Even if you are fit and love your job, it is still possible to injure yourself if you don’t be careful.

Here are 9 tips to help you stay healthy when doing this kind of work –

  • Learn the proper way to lift heavy weights. When doing the kind of work involved with gardening or landscaping, you’ll often have to lift things that are not only heavy, but awkward and have no handles. It’s important to use lifting equipment wherever possible, but if you do have to lift by hand you should bend your knees, not your back. And never lift and swing around at the same time. That’s a sure recipe for a bad back that can put you off work for weeks.
  • Use safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and proper boots. Your eyes are important, but a flying rock or nail can ruin your eyesight for good, while dust and grit can make them sore. Gloves may feel awkward, but they can prevent blisters and scratches that can fester and turn septic. They can also prevent spider bites. The same goes for boots.
  • Working out in the heat and sun can dehydrate you. There might be a nice breeze so you don’t feel like you are sweating, but you are. Drinking water at regular intervals will keep you hydrated. If it’s mid-summer, choose a drink that contains electrolytes to prevent cramps. Organise your work so the hardest jobs are not done in the midday heat.
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Landscape Design

Eco Friendly Landscape Design To Encourage Birds

If you are one of the lucky people to have a backyard, you might want to incorporate some kind of great garden design that will encourage native birds to your area. In this way you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, since birds are a part of that. And as more land is cleared our feathered friends tend to lose their homes and have less natural environment from which to gather food.

Here are some tips to help you get native birds to your garden.

  • Find out what birds are native to your area and which ones you’d like to have for visitors. Then provide the kind of food they like. They’ll soon find it.
  • Install a bird bath. All birds need water to drink and to bathe in to restore their hydration and make their feathers clean. Birds in the centre of town can’t access water on a hot, dry day, but if they know there is some in the suburbs, that is where they’ll go.
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Landscape Construction

How Landscape Construction Can Help an Older Person Stay in Their Home

When people start to get older they realise that it is more difficult to do all the chores around the home and garden that are needed to keep it in good condition. Often the garden and lawn are the first casualties because it takes a lot of physical effort to provide the maintenance and upkeep they need. But rather than move out of a home you love, why not get some landscape construction going to make the garden and surrounds easier to cope with?

From the experts at JSB Earth Moving, Here are some ways to stay in your home.

  • Instead of having all that lawn to mow, water and fertilise, get a construction company in to replace it with a timber or composite deck. You’ll be able to sit out there and enjoy the sun without having to mow anything.
  • Remove even more lawn and replace it with a low maintenance garden.
  • Pave any remaining lawn next to the deck and have it decorated with pretty tiles, a water feature and pot plants.
  • Add perennials and permanent shrubs to the garden and dispense with annuals that have to be replaced every season. This will save you digging and bending over to plant them and you’ll still have a nice garden.
  • Use organic and non-organic mulch to prevent weed growth in any garden area you have left.
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Health Risks in Landscaping

Health Risks in Landscaping

While landscaping can be considered a healthy job because you get lots of exercise and fresh air, there are also health risks that you need to be aware of in order to take preventative measure or eliminate them altogether. Some of these can cause injury, while others can actually make you sick, rather than injured.

  • Concreting is often a big part of landscaping if the client wants pathways, driveway or a concrete floor put in for an alfresco area. They may want a wall built or steps to the back deck. In many cases you can get a mini concrete truck in with enough mixed cement to do the job. But sometimes it is a small job that requires a concrete mixer and shovel. There are two main things involved that can affect your health. Lifting bags of cement that are very heavy and breathing in the dust from it. The latter can be particularly bad because the dust is very fine, yet it’s heavy, just like the concrete. It can get into your lungs and cause a condition called silicosis or lung cancer. Apart from that it can irritate the eyes, upper respiratory tract and the skin. Protect yourself with mask, goggles, gloves and long-sleeves.
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