Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

Advantages Of Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings For Offices

It is true that many offices have plush carpets but what about those offices that have a concrete floor, and where using a carpet would not be suitable or appropriate? The answer is to either use concrete floor coatings or concrete paint which can provide a superb finish when done by concrete floor coatings professionals, which in most cases is even safer than the use of carpet.

In fact, using concrete floor coatings to refinish a concrete floor in an office setting has many advantages for the business that does so, and for those who work in that office.


One of the top reasons that a business will choose to have its concrete office floors refinished using special concrete floor coating is that it will greatly prolong the life of that floor. Obviously concrete is a relatively robust material, however, it can deteriorate, and get damaged.

Rather than having the upheaval of closing the office every time when repairs are needed due to a problem with, or damage to, the concrete floor, with a coating protecting it there is little chance of any remedial work ever being needed.

Safer And Healthier Working Environment

Offices are not the first workplace that would normally come to mind when thinking about accidents at work, however, they can, and most certainly, do, happen there. Concrete floor coatings are non-slip so even if someone is rushing to the photo copier, they should have a secure grip underfoot.

Concrete floor coatings are also healthier in the sense that unlike carpets and other soft floor coverings, they do not attract and retain bacteria and other undesirables, such as allergens.

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