Sustainable Kitchen Renovations

12 Ways to Be Sustainable in Kitchen Renovations

When you plan on a kitchen renovation, you may not be thinking along the lines of a sustainable lifestyle, but there are plenty of ways to be eco friendly and save the earth’s resources when renovating.  Even if you simply order carefully so you are not wasting any timber, that is going to save some of our precious resources from being wasted. However, with some small amount of thought, you can easily find many other ways.Bamboo Interior

  • Choose building materials such as bamboo that are easily renewable or are in plentiful supply. It can be used for cabinets and floors as well.
  • Use paints and other things such as glue and lacquer that does not contains harmful toxic gases that waft up into the air – and into your lungs.
  • Choose eco friendly fabrics – natural cotton or at least cotton blends, bamboo fabrics or even fabric made from wool, all of which is renewable in its raw state each year.
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