The Benefits of Good Landscaping

Many people are purchasing fix-me-up properties to not only make their mark but make a profit. They will take a home that no one put a lot of time into, add their stamp, improve it, then sell it off to someone who wants a home already finished. Others will buy a standard property then enhance its overall look and landscaping so that they can live in it comfortably.

In many cases, people who buy property don’t put as much passion or love into the landscaping as they do the interior of the house. If you ask Intreeg Landscapes, they say the landscape is more valuable than you think, and here’s why.

It Adds Value
If you spend time and money on good landscape design, you are more than likely going to see it back in your hand when the time comes to sell. The average percentage increase of value that landscaping brings can be between 5-12 percent and depends on whether you’ve had an expert’s touch – which is recommended – and the overall value of the property as well.

If you are looking for a quick flick on a property, then dedicate a few extra days to your yard. You’d be surprised at the difference a little bit of weeding, gardening, and landscaping can make.

It Makes You Feel Better
Would you rather come home to an overgrown section or a well-manicured yard? Without a doubt, landscaping can make you feel better. What’s more, studies say the same thing. Landscaping can improve your quality of life, memory, attention span, and even lower your stress levels. It might be time to create that peaceful paradise sooner than you thought.

Gives You a Hobby
If your work and family take up a lot of your time, then you’re not likely to have a hobby. Could gardening and landscaping be your new passion? Purchase a few magazines and see how you feel. You can learn about new plants, techniques to solve problems, and how to turn your property from a barren wasteland into an oasis.

Solves Problems
Not everyone has a yard of which they can be proud. Sometimes, there can be factors that create problems that you choose to ignore. Landscaping can often solve some of those. Take, for example, a swampy section of your yard that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. Instead of ignoring that part of your yard, you can use it to your advantage. Invest in moisture-loving plants that can not only give the area some structure but enhance it too.

Whether you look at landscaping your yard yourself or calling in the big guns, you are likely to see the benefits before long. Both peace of mind and profit are on the table when you consider transforming the area surrounding your home.