Most Common Landscaping Problems Solved

Most homeowners understand that landscaping adds to the overall appeal of their property. As a result, they might hire an expert to lend a helping hand or try to create beautifully landscaped grounds on their own.

However, regardless of your route, you may face some common but frustrating problems. Read on to find out what these are and the solutions to these problems provided by the landscaping experts at

Rocky Terrain

If you’ve ever tried to pitch a tent on your lawn and made contact with one rock after another with your tent pegs, you will quickly discover that you’ve got quite a rocky terrain. This may not be a problem if all you have is a lawn, but it can prove challenging if you’re trying to create new landscape designs in your backyard.

They can still happen, but you may need to make a few design changes. Consider creating a rocky garden to give those underground rocks a useful purpose. You can then pair them with hardy, strong, and beautiful plants like succulents that thrive in challenging environments.

A Sun-Drenched and Dry Area

While not all of your yard may get sun, there may be an area that seems to be dry, sun-beaten, and impossible to grow anything in. If that’s a problem you’re facing, xeriscaping may be the answer.

Xeriscaping involves landscaping with succulents and other drought-resistant plants. If they can thrive in rocky conditions, they can also thrive in areas that don’t receive a lot of shade of moisture.

Most succulents can retain water well, which means there’s no reason why they can’t grow well in an area of your property where nothing else seems to survive.

Too Much Moisture

Poor drainage, a lack of sunshine, and uneven terrain can lead to one part of your property receiving more moisture than others. Growing plants here can seem like an impossible undertaking, particularly as many of the most popular annuals and perennials love sunshine and well-draining soil.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the area. You can install a French drain with a gravel-filled ditch, or you can look at plant varieties that love the wet. Your local landscaping team or garden shop will be able to point you in the right direction.

No Privacy

Depending on your property’s slope and neighbouring yards, there’s every reason to believe you don’t get as much privacy as you would like. Maybe, all your neighbours’ homes are looking into your yard, or you may only have low fences where you’d ideally like to have high ones.

There are many ways to solve the problem – both when you’re on a budget or not. You can create smaller, private entertaining spaces within your yard using tall pot plants and trellis, or open your wallet wider for tall fences around your entire property boundary.

If you go for the latter option, make sure you communicate your plans with your neighbours under the Fencing Act to ensure everyone is in agreeance.

Landscaping will not always be as easy as you first thought, especially if you come up against issues like rocky, wet, or dry terrain. Even privacy is a tricky problem to fix. However, by spending time on landscape designs and even bringing the experts on board, you can be on your way to a perfectly landscaped yard in no time.

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