10 Landscaping Trends That Are Currently Popular In Warmer Climates

It hopefully will not come as a surprise to learn that landscaping in cities and towns with a warm climate will look very different from that in other parts of the world with a colder climate.

When you consider that much of what exists within landscaped gardens is dependent upon the local climate and the local soil, then it logically follows that what might grow successfully in the landscaped gardens of Canada, New York, or London might not do as well in Mexico or Perth, for example, and vice versa.

Whilst the geographical location can impact upon what is included in local landscape designs, so can local landscaping trends. It is true to say that non-natural features such as paving, decking, and ornaments are not as influenced by local conditions as plants, however, there will still be trends that occur locally within landscape designs, rather than universally.

The landscaping professionals from Botanical Landscapes have given us their expert advice, so, if you are wondering what the landscaping trends that are currently popular amongst both homeowners and landscape designers in Warmer Climates are, please read on. We will outline the current top ten for you.

Sustainable Landscaping: Little surprise that this is trending given the huge increases in people’s awareness of environmental issues. Examples of this are using recycled materials in the construction of a landscaped garden or creating a garden where recycling is a core part of its maintenance, such as using compact.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Designs: We are not sure if people are becoming lazier or simply that enjoyment takes precedence over effort, but, whichever it is, you will find many low-maintenance landscape designs. Examples include evergreen plants, artificial lawns, and decking or patios replacing lawns.

Edible Landscape Gardens: Higher food prices might have influenced this recently, however, it is also true that people are taking greater pleasure in eating fresh foods they have grown themselves than they do in food shopping. More vegetable gardens and increased requests for fruit-bearing plants in landscape designs are evidence of this trend.

Smart Technology: Even the natural surroundings of a garden can be influenced by technology, and this is found increasingly in landscaped gardens. Automatic irrigation systems, remote-controlled lighting, and artificial intelligence (AI) being used to assist with landscape design creation are all in use.

Glass Pool Enclosures: This trend follows from both the safety aspect of swimming pools, especially regarding children, and the fact that homeowners find the aesthetics created by glass surrounding their pool to be appealing.

Vertical Garden Designs: Not every home has a large garden especially many within cities. The desire for landscaping means that increased use of vertical gardens within landscape designs allows those with smaller garden areas to benefit.

Lawns Are Back: This is not so much a new trend, but the return of an old one. It seems that the good people have fallen once again in love with lawns and therefore far more landscape designs are having the lawn either remaining in or added to the garden being created.

Outdoor Living Areas: This is a general term that can be applied to any area within a garden that replicates functional areas within the home. Examples include a lounge area where people can sit together and relax within the garden or a cooking area such as a patio with a barbecue.

Outdoor Lighting: The popularity of outdoor lighting seems to be reaching even greater heights. Outdoor lighting obviously has a practical use, but it is more likely that the increased diversity of lighting types enhances the aesthetics of landscaping which adds to the appeal.

Child-Friendly Landscaping: Landscape design companies are receiving ever more requests from clients to include features and elements within their gardens that are child-friendly. This includes soft-play areas, colourful and shaped pavers, activity boards, and swimming pools.