Vacuum Cleaning the New Carpet

Steam Cleaning Versus Shampooing – A Guide To Deciding Which Is Right For Your Carpets

There are many methods used by professional carpet cleaners when they are hired by clients, and it will often be the case that there are two carpet cleaning techniques that could be used at a particular location. The choice made will be based on the specifics of the carpet cleaning job, the types of carpets, and possibly even the budget of the client depending on which services they are prepared or able to pay for.

In most cases, it will be the advice of the professional carpet cleaner that will carry the most weight, and there are scenarios where that advice relates to whether steam cleaning carpets or shampooing carpets is the best option. There can be several factors that influence the choice as well as a consideration of the pros and cons of each of the carpet cleaning methods.

If you are reading this but unsure of what exactly shampooing or steam cleaning carpets entails, and would like more details on how each might be the right choice for your carpet cleaning needs, read on and we will seek to enlighten you.

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Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

Advantages Of Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings For Offices

It is true that many offices have plush carpets but what about those offices that have a concrete floor, and where using a carpet would not be suitable or appropriate? The answer is to either use concrete floor coatings or concrete paint which can provide a superb finish when done by concrete floor coatings professionals, which in most cases is even safer than the use of carpet.

In fact, using concrete floor coatings to refinish a concrete floor in an office setting has many advantages for the business that does so, and for those who work in that office.


One of the top reasons that a business will choose to have its concrete office floors refinished using special concrete floor coating is that it will greatly prolong the life of that floor. Obviously concrete is a relatively robust material, however, it can deteriorate, and get damaged.

Rather than having the upheaval of closing the office every time when repairs are needed due to a problem with, or damage to, the concrete floor, with a coating protecting it there is little chance of any remedial work ever being needed.

Safer And Healthier Working Environment

Offices are not the first workplace that would normally come to mind when thinking about accidents at work, however, they can, and most certainly, do, happen there. Concrete floor coatings are non-slip so even if someone is rushing to the photo copier, they should have a secure grip underfoot.

Concrete floor coatings are also healthier in the sense that unlike carpets and other soft floor coverings, they do not attract and retain bacteria and other undesirables, such as allergens.

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carpet beetle

Signs of Carpet Moth or Beetle Infestation

Any carpet cleaners like professional teams such as Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth, will tell you that as bad as fleas in the carpet area, carpet moths are worse because they damage the fibres. Or rather, it is their larvae that do all the damage, munching their way through those tasty, natural fibres until they finally encase themselves in a cocoon and turn into a moth. Then of course, the cycle starts all over again. One carpet moth can lay up to 150 eggs and these will hatch into tiny and very hungry caterpillars within 5 days.

So how can you tell if that moth fluttering around inside is a carpet moth? The adult carpet moth is beige or brown in colour and has a small wingspan of 14-18ml. It is wise to get rid of any moth that is inside – or at least catch it and let it go outside if you are that way inclined. At least it won’t lay eggs that will hatch into little grubs that can ruin your carpet.

Here are some signs of carpet moth infestation: –

  • Carpet fibres that have come loose for no apparent reason. This happens because the larvae ate the knots.
  • You might see little caterpillars crawling around under your carpet.
  • You may notice tiny cocoons that blend in with the wool in your carpet. Often they are a flat, oval shape with pointed ends.
  • Moths flying around the room.
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Carpet Stains

How to Deal With the Four Worst Carpet Stains

If you have carpet in your home like most people, there is sure to come a day when something gets spilled on it.  When this happens, quick cleaning must be undertaken immediately so that the spill doesn’t soak right through the base of the carpet into the floor underneath and so the stain doesn’t set.  If you simply leave it to dry it will be twice as difficult to get out and the stain may never be fully removed. However, professional carpet cleaners like Brilliance Cleaning can usually do a good job of cleaning most carpets.

So what are the four worst stains in a carpet? Most people will agree that they are: –

  • Coffee
  • Blood
  • Grease and
  • Red wine

Here are some tips to deal with these biggies and reduce their effect on your precious floor covering.

  • Never use hot water as this will set most stains, but especially blood.
  • How to get these stains out of the carpet depends a lot on what the carpet is made of. Wool must be treated more gently than nylon. Wool carpets should not be saturated with water or cleaner as they take a longer time to dry and it could result in a patch of mould forming.
  • Blot the stain from the outside in to prevent the stain spreading.
  • Use a white towel that is damp rather than dry as water helps to absorb the stain.
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