5 Reasons Great Web Design Will Encourage Visitors To Stay On Your Real Estate Company’s Website For Longer

Your website has many aims which can help your real estate company, and one aim which may not be apparent to many business owners is to retain visitors for as long as possible. As the experienced web design experts advise their clients, the longer a person spends on a website, the better it is for conversions, and for SEO.

Now, it should be pointed out that when we say retain people on a website, we are not looking to force anyone to stay there any longer than they wish, so we are not going to be suggesting some dodgy hack that stops them from clicking away. Instead, we want to do this positively, so that rather than visitors being forced to remain on your website, they are actually perfectly happy to remain there for a considerable time.

The question which we must now answer is how do we achieve this highly desirable scenario, and the answer is, in several ways, which are all related to the design of your website. These can either be incorporated into any new website’s design or on existing websites, introduced by implementing changes to its design.

Fast Website Loading Speeds Mean They Will Not Immediately Click Away

We live in an impatient world, and that is especially the case online. This means if your website does not open within a second or two of someone clicking through, then they are out of there quicker than you can say, “Come Back!”. The problem is, they will not come back, ever, and so everything must be done within your website’s design to ensure it loads in all browsers quickly.

Simple and Easy Menus Help Every Visitor Navigate Throughout Your Website

If you are in a strange town and have no way of knowing where to go next, you hate it and want to be rescued. Whilst not quite as dramatic, that is what your visitors can potentially feel if there is poor navigation within your website. Help them all by having a simple menu on every page which is easy to understand and to use to navigate your website.

Uncomplicated Page Layouts Make Your Website More Pleasing to the Eye

The days of websites being all about flashing graphics and popups are long gone. Today, the simpler the design the better, for the simple reason that it is what people prefer. Your website pages should have consistency in the sense that they have similar layouts and colours, the menu in the same position and are devoid of anything that is confusing or visually overbearing.

Text Content Broken Down Into Sections Make It Less Daunting to Read

We trust you have excellent content on your real estate company’s website, and we also hope it is structured so that it is as easy to read as possible. Visitors to your website do not expect, nor want, to be confronted by huge passages of text that look like they have been directly copied from a university textbook, so break your text up and use large fonts where suitable.

Clear Calls to Action Mean Your Visitors Are Never Confused About What to Do Next

We never want a visitor to be confused at any point so the clearer you make any calls to action such as asking them to enter their email address or telephone number or to click a link to visit a specific page, the more the chances are they will understand and take the action you wish them to.