3 Tips To Strategically Get Rid Of The Bugs That Attack Your Landscape Garden

No matter whether you work on a large landscaping project, or simply have a garden at home which you love tending, there is one thing that will you unite you, and that is your hatred of bugs, especially those which attack your plants and flowers.

For many home owners, property maintenance professionals and gardeners, dealing with a bug problem is something which is not especially enjoyable, but should they ever get fed up with it and leave the bugs to do their worst, all their hard work will have been for nothing. Pretty soon, plants and flowers will be attacked, devoured, and ultimately killed by those tiny pests.

However, it need not be that way, as there are several ways in which you can deal with, and in many cases, eradicate bugs from your garden. Doing so requires you to take several actions, and this does not involve simply spraying everything in sight randomly.

You need to approach the problem of bugs strategically, in much the same way an army general would if they were planning an attack on an enemy. So, if you see bugs as the enemy of you, your landscape garden, and all the plants and flowers in there, then here is an approach you should take.

Know Your Enemy

As with any scenario where you have an opponent, the more you know about them, the better your chances are of defeating them. This applies to military conflict, sporting competitions, political contests, and in trying to rid your garden of bugs.

For this, you need to have a full and clear understanding of the bugs you are up against, as this will differ depending on where you are located, the sorts of plants you have in your garden, and even the time of year.

There is plenty of information online which you can easily study to learn which bugs you are up against, the signs they leave that show they are present, and most importantly, how you can get rid of them.

Keep Your Garden Under Surveillance

Before anyone jumps the gun, we are not talking about building watchtowers and floodlights akin to scenes from ‘The Great Escape‘. Instead what this means is that every time you are in your garden you should be checking all the plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Some vigilant gardeners either keep a notebook or, given that mobile devices all have cameras, you might take photographs of those areas of the garden which might be of the most concern. By doing so, you can immediately spot if bugs have attacked your garden in any way, and thus address this before it becomes a much more serious issue.

Another tip is to keep yourself informed of what might be happening in your local area. If any of your neighbours or friends who live nearby have reported a problem with bugs, then you can prepare in advance to deal with them should they visit your garden.

Choose Your Weapons Carefully

Bear in mind the objective of this exercise is to kill bugs and only the bugs. We say this as using chemical sprays might kill them, but it can also harm others. This includes friendly insects which we should welcome in our gardens, such as bees who pollinate and spiders who eat many of the harmful bugs. There is also the risk to pets, and the environment to consider. Whenever possible use mechanical bug traps and barriers as it is safer for all, except the nasty bugs.

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