6 Things to Consider Before Installing Your Carport

It is easy to get carried away and eager to get the job done once you have made the decision to install a Perth Patio or carport on your property, but there are several things you need to consider before you even order it.  Not thinking about what you really need beforehand can mean you end up with a carport that does not really suit your needs. Even though getting a carport may seem like a simple thing to do, consider these 6 elements first.

  • Will it be wide enough? Cars are all different sizes and shapes so you need to be sure that your car will fit in the carport properly with enough room to open the doors on both sides at the same time. Otherwise there is soon going to be a door that is dented or scratched.
  • Do you have one car or two? Many people have two cars, so getting a carport meant for one car is not going to suit your needs. If you only have one car now, might the family end up with two cars in a few years, when the children are old enough to need a car for uni or work? Thinking ahead to your future needs can save on costs.
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