Landscape Construction

How Landscape Construction Can Help an Older Person Stay in Their Home

When people start to get older they realise that it is more difficult to do all the chores around the home and garden that are needed to keep it in good condition. Often the garden and lawn are the first casualties because it takes a lot of physical effort to provide the maintenance and upkeep they need. But rather than move out of a home you love, why not get some landscape construction going to make the garden and surrounds easier to cope with?

From the experts at JSB Earth Moving, Here are some ways to stay in your home.

  • Instead of having all that lawn to mow, water and fertilise, get a construction company in to replace it with a timber or composite deck. You’ll be able to sit out there and enjoy the sun without having to mow anything.
  • Remove even more lawn and replace it with a low maintenance garden.
  • Pave any remaining lawn next to the deck and have it decorated with pretty tiles, a water feature and pot plants.
  • Add perennials and permanent shrubs to the garden and dispense with annuals that have to be replaced every season. This will save you digging and bending over to plant them and you’ll still have a nice garden.
  • Use organic and non-organic mulch to prevent weed growth in any garden area you have left.
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