5 Reasons Great Web Design Will Encourage Visitors To Stay On Your Real Estate Company’s Website For Longer

Your website has many aims which can help your real estate company, and one aim which may not be apparent to many business owners is to retain visitors for as long as possible. As the experienced web design experts advise their clients, the longer a person spends on a website, the better it is for conversions, and for SEO.

Now, it should be pointed out that when we say retain people on a website, we are not looking to force anyone to stay there any longer than they wish, so we are not going to be suggesting some dodgy hack that stops them from clicking away. Instead, we want to do this positively, so that rather than visitors being forced to remain on your website, they are actually perfectly happy to remain there for a considerable time.

The question which we must now answer is how do we achieve this highly desirable scenario, and the answer is, in several ways, which are all related to the design of your website. These can either be incorporated into any new website’s design or on existing websites, introduced by implementing changes to its design.

Fast Website Loading Speeds Mean They Will Not Immediately Click Away

We live in an impatient world, and that is especially the case online. This means if your website does not open within a second or two of someone clicking through, then they are out of there quicker than you can say, “Come Back!”. The problem is, they will not come back, ever, and so everything must be done within your website’s design to ensure it loads in all browsers quickly.

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Why Using Cheap SEO Services Can Destroy Your Construction Company's Google Rankings

Why Using Cheap SEO Services Can Destroy Your Construction Company’s Google Rankings

For any SEO which you may be considering for your construction company’s website, you can consider two distinct periods. There is the period where the SEO’s goal is to improve the website’s rankings, and once it ranks, there is the period where SEO is designed to maintain those rankings. A digital agency such as tribecamedia.com.au will confirm, there is little point in achieving high Google rankings if you lose them soon after.

Whether your construction company’s website has not achieved high Google rankings, but you want it to, or it already has decent rankings, and you want to ensure sure that you retain them at the expense of your local competition, you need an SEO campaign to be implemented. Who you choose to achieve that for you is critical to its success and making the wrong choice could be disastrous on many levels.

Listening to feedback and doing some research into the experiences of business owners whose  SEO has gone catastrophically awry, a common theme that appears a lot is that they chose the cheapest option that was available to them.

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5 Reasons Why Relocating Your Wills Lawyer Offices Can Boost Its Revenue

5 Reasons Why Relocating Your Wills Lawyer Offices Can Boost Its Revenue

If you own or manage a wills lawyer business, such as www.perthwillslawyer.com.au, the premises you operate from can play a huge role in the success of that business. Whether it provides an excellent working environment for your staff or gives prospective clients who visit a positive impression, your business premises can be more influential than many give them credit for.

It could be that you have never really given your premises much thought previously, but we encourage you to do so. More than that you should actively reflect upon whether or not your current business premises have a positive impact on your business, or a negative one. Even if you consider your current premises to be ‘ok’, it may be time to ask yourself whether relocating your wills lawyer business to new premises could give it an advantage.

Many business owners, in a vast array of sectors, have found that relocating their business has transformed its performance dramatically. The question is, why that might be the case, and so we are going to answer that question by exploring some of the reasons why relocating a business can bring rewards.

Your Business Is Closer To Its Client Base

Assuming your wills lawyer business is one that works on behalf of local clients, it must surely make sense that the closer you are in relation to where those clients might live, the better. Often, the reason that a business is not performing as well as it might, is that its location means it is further away from its client base than most of its competitors. Relocating to an office closer to your clients and where it is easy for them to travel to has to be a means of securing more of those clients.

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