Why Using Cheap SEO Services Can Destroy Your Construction Company’s Google Rankings

For any SEO which you may be considering for your construction company’s website, you can consider two distinct periods. There is the period where the SEO’s goal is to improve the website’s rankings, and once it ranks, there is the period where SEO is designed to maintain those rankings. A digital agency such as tribecamedia.com.au will confirm, there is little point in achieving high Google rankings if you lose them soon after.

Whether your construction company’s website has not achieved high Google rankings, but you want it to, or it already has decent rankings, and you want to ensure sure that you retain them at the expense of your local competition, you need an SEO campaign to be implemented. Who you choose to achieve that for you is critical to its success and making the wrong choice could be disastrous on many levels.

Listening to feedback and doing some research into the experiences of business owners whose  SEO has gone catastrophically awry, a common theme that appears a lot is that they chose the cheapest option that was available to them.

This falls into two categories which are 1) Business owners who simply could not afford to pay any more than what they did as they had a restricted budget, and 2) Business owners who did not fully appreciate the risk of going cheap, nor the benefit of paying for professional SEO experts who would do the job properly.

We sympathize with the first group and would point that if you are in that situation, then many professional SEO agencies offer instalment plans in order to try to make their services affordable to every business. As for the second group, we also sympathise also, and hope that the damage done by using a cheap, sub-standard SEO service was not too severe.

For those wondering what the experience of using a cheap SEO service which charges little, but also delivers little, looks like, here are some examples which we hope will open your eyes to the dangers of using them.

Poor Research: This means they will have no knowledge about your competition, what SEO your competition has in place, nor the keywords which you will want you construction company’s website to rank for.

Lack Of Personnel: At most they might have one person who knows SEO, but beyond that they are Lilley to use cheap services on Fiverr to implement any SEO.

Lack Of Tools And Resources: Proper SEO requires a variety of tools, such as those used for keyword research. Cheap SEO services will not use any, or at best might use free versions of tools, which are of little use.

No Reporting: You should not expect to receive many updates from a cheap SEO service, simply because they do not want you to know they are not producing any results.

Poor Communication: Do not be surprised if any emails or calls to them are ignored and you do not receive any replies or call-backs

Additional Fees: Often, a cheap SEO service will come back to you and request additional fees for SEO services which would usually be included as standard, by a professional SEO agency.

Black Hat Tactics: To cut corners and in an attempt to show progress, a cheap SEO specie will resort to anything it thinks will rank your website, and this includes black hat tactics. These go against Google terms and conditions, and when Google discover them, they will either send your rankings plummeting, or worse, delist your website completely from search results.