How Colorbond Steel Roofing is Tested

Everything is tested before it is released to the public market; cars and all their components, electronic devices, new or different tools and new building materials. Colorbond roofing steel is tested in a wide variety of conditions all over Australia, from harsh marine environments where salt can corrode, through to urban areas with smog and pollution and on to the stunning heat and dust of the outback.

The roofing panels in different colours are put up to simulate a roof in these areas and left there until experts come and test them on sight or take them down for examination in the factory to see what wear and tear – if any – has occurred. In fact, you may be amazed to know that there are 12,000 sheets of steel out there being tested. This gives the Australian public peace of mind to know that the products have withstood the test of time. After all the climate in Australia varies from extremely hot to cold ice and snow, from dusty and dry to cold sleet, hail and teeming thunderstorms as well as the humidity of tropical locations.

Homes and commercial buildings need to withstand all these conditions so they have to be built from strong materials. Steel is a strong material that, when combined with the technology Colorbond has, makes a roof you can be proud of and be sure of it lasting through all kinds of weather.

That is not the only kind of testing the Colorbond product is put to. There is accelerated laboratory testing as well. In the laboratory, the steel sheets are tested for corrosion, durability and application. The latter ensures that this product can be used in conjunction with other common building materials and products.

There is indoor testing that also mimics the outdoor environment, but this is accelerated. After all, the company would not want to wait for 15-20 years before knowing that their product will really last that long. Nor would they want to sell it to the public unless they were certain the product was an excellent and durable one. By using accelerated testing they can know ahead of time just how well the steel sheets will last on your home.

That is why you can have peace of mind when you choose Colorbond roofing. You know it has been fully tested under the kind of conditions that you live in – and passed the tests with flying colours. In fact, the colours are one thing that are an important part of the Colorbond roof. No other roofing product offers such a variety of colours to choose from. There are now 22 colours in the Colorbond roofing range, allowing you the freedom of choice to create a home that is just how you like it.