5 Key Reasons To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets At Least Once Per Week

Many machines can be classified as carpet cleaners, but the vacuum cleaner is used in almost every home and office. Whilst home cleaners and the professional carpet cleaners who work for them may invest in many types of top-specification carpet cleaning equipment for the work they do, they will all have at least one vacuum cleaner as part of their carpet cleaning arsenal.

Indeed, looking back through the history of how carpets have been cleaned since the start of the 20th century, we find that motorised vacuum cleaners have been at the forefront of carpet cleaning in domestic and commercial settings.

Vacuum cleaners have also been subject to giant leaps in technology and development, which has seen them take on various forms. Today, we even have robotic vacuum cleaners that require a human to switch them on and off, automatically vacuuming carpets.

As for most people, their vacuum cleaners are not robotic and thus still need a natural person to operate them. These can range from small portable vacuum cleaners using bags to upright cyclonic vacuum cleaners with a cylinder instead of a bag. Whilst there might be many design, technical, and specification differences between vacuum cleaners, there are several things that they all have in common, namely the benefits of using them to help clean carpets.

We thought it would be helpful to highlight those benefits and, therefore, five key reasons you should vacuum clean your carpets at least once per week, and certainly more often if you want the best results.

Key Reason To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets #1 – Proper Preparation For Carpet Cleaning

Whether you hire expert carpet cleaners to clean your carpets or plan to do it yourself, your carpet will need a degree of preparation beforehand. At the core of this preparation will be thoroughly vacuuming all your carpets to remove as much dirt and debris as possible before the carpets are wet or steam cleaned.

Key Reason To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets #2 – Improving The Appearance Of Your Carpets

Even newer carpets can look worn and grubby reasonably quickly if not vacuumed regularly, which tells you that older carpets must most certainly be cleaned. The main issue is dust which makes colours look faded, so removing it with a vacuum cleaner will restore colours and enhance your carpets’ appearance.

Key Reason To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets #3 – Removal Of Unpleasant Odours

Even the tiniest food crumbs can cause odours if they are not removed from carpets which is why regular vacuuming is vital if you do not wish to have rooms in your home or office which start to give off unpleasant smells. Vacuuming can also remove the bacteria, which can cause odours too.

Key Reason To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets #4 – Eliminating Particles That Can Trigger Allergies And Other Health Issues

Dirty carpets can house an accumulation of tiny particles, including bacteria and germs, which can all cause health issues for those who walk on them. This is especially true for those who suffer from allergies, so regular vacuuming is essential to remove pollen, pet hairs, and dust, but three is so high.

Key Reason To Vacuum Clean Your Carpets #5 – Prolonging The Life Of The Carpet

Carpets are not the cheapest items you will purchase for your home or office, and those costs can increase massively if your carpets need replacing sooner. The main reason this occurs is accelerated wear and tear due to tiny particles wearing the carpet fibres, so vacuuming regularly to remove these is essential for the prolonged lifespan of your carpets.