10 Property Maintenance Tips To Save Money

When you own property there will always be maintenance to do on it, whether it is cleaning up the grounds outside or painting the building. Most people want their property to look neat and tidy without it costing them a bomb, so here are some property maintenance tips that will actually save money over the long run.Property Maintenance

  • Fix it while it’s small. No matter what it is; a leak, paint chipped off or some mould somewhere, if you tackle it immediately it won’t cost lot to fix. But if you leave it, the end result could cost thousands.
  • Check for water leaks frequently. Get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Check that roof tiles are not loose. If they are they’ll likely blow off in the next storm and allow a deluge into your ceiling.

  • If there is a large repair to do, get quotes from several tradespeople, but also find out their reputation for quality work. Poorly done work will cost more in the long run.
  • Have insurance. Many people feel it’s a waste of money, but you won’t feel like that if you have a major repair, such as the water heater flooding over the floor.
  • Learn some handyman skills if you have time. Doing smaller repairs yourself can save a lot. But be sure you can do it well or the end result may not be worth what you save.
  • If you are a landlord, consider lowering the limit the property manager is given in order to do repairs without consulting you. It will give you more control and offer better insight to what the money is being spent on.
  • If you notice a place in the exterior painted wall where the paint has come off or there is a bubble, sand it back and repaint it immediately. Otherwise a lot of damage can be done if the rain penetrates, rotting the timber or causing mould to form.
  • Check the guttering. If you see any signs of rust or if it is sagging, replace it before the water overflows and runs into the house instead of away from it. Check it for leaves as well.
  • Have your home checked for termite infestation on a regular basis.
  • Repair loose or cracked bathroom tiles. Leaving them loose will mean water gets into the cavity and it will affect the other tiles, making them loose.

Once you make it a habit to check things out and be aware of what is happening in and outside of your home, you’ll soon see a small problem and know to fix it as soon as you can to prevent it from becoming worse.