The Backyard Project

A Gazebo

It was a DIY project in the back yard. He wanted to build a gazebo in an area of the yard that had been sectioned off and already contained a fishpond built on three levels to create a two – waterfall effect. There was no lawn in that area, but lovely green turf was something that was in his sights.

The Material

After putting together a plan, well, a concept really, he went out and purchased all the timber required and then the roofing material which would be green Colorbond sheeting. Tape measure, power saw, level, hammer, nails, fasteners, cordless driver and a whole host of other material and tools were on the list. To complete the job, flywire sliders on the openings to keep out pesky mosquitoes as the sun went down, and flies, while the sun was up.

Show Off

This was not the biggest DIY project attempted. He had built an additional room onto an old house up in the Hills area and it included a toilet and a shower. So, in comparison, this was a minor engineering job but somehow more important. Why? Well, this one was on show to all the neighbours and friends and visitors that would be coming to parties and there’s nothing more than compliments on a job well done by friends to make a bloke’s chest puff out that little bit more!

Done Like This

Concrete floor done. Posts locked into place. Structures added to bring the level to the roof. He pre-made the roof using 8 x 2 timber beams built into a cone shape. Each roof support was so made to sit on the gazebo uprights. He invited some mates around to lift the roof onto the uprights and secured them into place temporarily before doing the job properly and ensuring a safe, permanent roof.

It was all done over about 6 or 7 weekends. Now, to attend to the surrounding area which was currently beach sand. He lived in Rockingham, so the soil was simply sand. He prepared the ground by adding topsoil and fertiliser, all raked in, and the whole area rolled to make it flat and even. Off to the store to order the roll on lawn.

“Can I help you, mate?”

“Yeah, I want seventy square metres of roll on lawn, delivered.”

“Sure. Where do you live.”

“Palm Beach, Rockingham. I’m hoping to get the lawn to look like a bowling green.”

“Well, we recommend that you opt for this type of grass, sir.” And the helper wandered over to a chart showing the different types of roll on lawn available. “This one,” he said, pointing to the Matilda Soft Buffalo sample that sat on the stand.

“But that’s not really going to look like a bowling green, is it?”

“It might not, sir, but it will certainly survive and grow better in your location than any of the others. It’s made for salt water pool surrounds and areas near the ocean. As you can see from the samples and charts we have here, there is a recommended type of grass for all soils and conditions.”

The attendant went through the properties of the Windsor Green, the Winter Green, and Carabooda Kikuyu.

“Fascinating. It probably explains why I stuffed up with using the wrong roll on when I lived in Greenmount. Clay, clay, clay!”

“Yeah, certain grasses for certain areas and for certain applications is how it’s all grown these days. When would you like delivery, sir?”

“Is next Saturday morning a possibility?” he asked.

“No problem, sir. The truck will be there at about 7.30am. Is that okay?”

“Perfect. Thanks.” Another happy roll on lawn customer.

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