Healthy Living – with Bare Feet

In all the advice about healthy living, you won’t find many people talking about tossing the shoes and going barefoot, yet spending time without having your feet enclosed in shoes and socks is very beneficial in several ways. In fact, running without shoes is very healthy, even more so than walking without them.  Here are 10 reasons to run or walk with bare feet.

  • It’s cooler on a hot day to go without shoes, and it makes you more aware of the environment you are in because you can feel it through your feet.
  • It makes your feet lighter, especially if you go jogging. Shoes add weight to your stride which puts a lot of weight on your muscles and joints, damaging them.
  • When you run in bare feet you naturally land on the front half of your foot. When you run in joggers or even expensive running shoes, your heel comes down first and the action is similar to having your heel hit with a hammer. It causes a lot of damage that even the most expensive shoes can’t stop.

  • Going bare foot gives you better posture without having to learn anything, because it is instinctive. Your feet land on the ground in the way nature intended and your body automatically adjusts it posture the same way.
  • You feel free when you walk or run without shoes. It’s a liberating feeling and very enjoyable to be able to feel every part of your feet from toes through to the heels.
  • Bare feet enhance your mindfulness of the moment. You feel the ground with every step as well as feeling your feet, posture and the environment.
  • It gives your stronger feet. If you’ve heard of the ancient Chinese custom of binding your feet, wearing shoes and socks is somewhat similar. When muscles are clad in shoes and socks, they don’t move to their fullest extent, thus they become weaker. This is something we’ve become used to over the years, so we don’t miss it, but stronger feet mean you can go without getting tired throughout the day.
  • Your feet grow more naturally without shoes. Many shoes force the feet into the wrong position, causing pain with blisters, calluses, ingrown toenails and bunions.
  • Finally, it saves money, especially if you go jogging or running on a regular basis. Shoes that are meant to support and protect your feet have become fashion accessories, with a price tag to match.

Unfortunately, we do still need shoes for safety, protection and in some climates, warmth. However, if you can walk around without them for at least some of the time, your feet will gradually become stronger and you’ll feel better as a result.