How to Make Your Home Removal Eco Friendly

Taking care to make your home removal eco friendly is quite easy and has the added advantage of saving on costs. According to Brilliance Removalists Brisbane, not all removalists are into saving the earth’s resources, but that doesn’t matter; you can do your part and feel satisfied that every small bit helps.

Here’s how: –

  • Save on packaging materials of both paper and plastics by using your soft towels, hand towels, tea towels, jumpers and other smaller clothing items to wrap breakables in and to wedge between items in the boxes.
  • Use blankets, doonas and larger towels on the bottom of the boxes and to wrap around mirrors and wall art, or that glass table top.
  • Crumple up old newspapers and magazines to form packaging, thus using them twice before they are thrown away.
  • Choose a removalist that is close to you or get back freight from one going back to your destination. This saves on the overall use of fuel, even though it may not save your costs. However, back freighting can often be cheaper.
  • Don’t throw away those things you don’t want to take, but recycle them by having a yard sale, or donate them to a charity or school fete. Even giving them away to the neighbour is recycling.
  • Pack an esky with food from the refrigerator rather than throwing it out.

  • Don’t stock up on freezer goods for the month before your removal date to save wasting things that might defrost on the trip.
  • Only take fruit and vegetables with you if you are not crossing a state or interstate line where they are not allowed due to the risk of pest or disease transference.
  • If you know ahead of time that you’ll be moving, save the boxes from electrical goods you purchase, flatten them so they don’t take up much room to store and then you’ll be able to re-use them to pack the television and other electronics into.
  • Ask local businesses for boxes to re-use for your packing. They won’t mind, since they only send them to the re-cycling centre anyway. Suggestions are liquor stores, pharmacies, electrical goods and furniture stores.
  • Stores that sell mattresses will have large plastic mattress covers they may give you or sell cheaply.
  • Since moving is usually accompanied by lots of cleaning, use eco friendly products rather than harsh chemicals.
  • Hire a truck that is big enough to take all your stuff in one trip, thus saving on fuel – and costs.
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