Concrete Pool Remodelling Versus Replacement

If you have a concrete pool within your property, and it is looking less than 100%, with possibly even some damage, or if you are unhappy with the design, then the decision has to be made as to whether you are going to remodel the pool, or completely replace it with a new one.

This throws up a number of questions in addition to the primary one of whether to remodel or renew. There is the question of what size of budget you are to need for either option, what design ideas are going to work in either case, and whether you and your family are prepared for the upheaval that the likes of the pool being removed and replaced are going to create.

Often the first option that most people consider is the remodelling one for a number of reasons. The most obvious one is related to budget with the fact that having a concrete swimming pool remodelled is going to cost a whole lot less than having one removed, and a completely new one installed by an expert.

That is not to say that remodelling a concrete pool is a cheap exercise, as it will still require a five-figure dollar amount, but it can often work out to be around 50% of the cost of the removal and replacement of a concrete pool.

Another consideration is the time scale involved with a complete renewal potentially taking several months given that the old pool has to be removed, and then the work has to begin to start replacing it with the new pool. By comparison, depending on how substantial any remodelling plans are this is likely to take several weeks which is obviously a much shorter period of time.

During that time there is also going to be a lot of upheaval, in and around your property. You will need to determine if you, your family, and no doubt your neighbours will be prepared to live with that for weeks or even months depending on your choice. Heavy machinery is almost certainly going to be on-site, and that means lots of noise, plus your outside area will look like a building site for some time.

One option that you could consider is to remove the concrete pool but instead of renewing it with another concrete pool, you replace it with a fiberglass pool or even a vinyl liner pool. These would obviously be a cheaper option, but before you jump in (literally) be aware that they are not without their downsides.

For a start, they have a fixed shape and design and therefore do not offer the same degree of flexibility in terms of making the pool the exact shape and size that suits your property, nor will they allow for any customised designs that you and your family might prefer.

One point we should make about the remodelling option is that it may be able to achieve many of the improvements to the aesthetics that you would want with a replacement pool, without the higher cost or the same level of upheaval.

With remodelling, you can change the shape, size, and design of your pool, renew the plumbing, add pool lights, add a pool heater, renew the surface tiles of your pool, and even add additional water features, slides, and a spa if you really want to maximise your upgrade.